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  • strawberries 10-12
  • sugar 4-5 tbs
  • venilla icecream 3 scoop
  • chocolate syrup 3-4 tbs
  • almonds 1/4 cup
  • orange zest 1/4 cup
  • cinnamon 1/2 tbs
  • whipped cream 1scoop


Mix berries and sugar in a

medium bowl. On a medium flame


cook. berry mixture cook until

berries begin to soften.  cook  for

about 2 -4 minutes. Stir in

orange zest and cinnamon.

refrigerate this suace for

10-15 min to cool down.

Take a glass put one scoop

of venila ice cream then

put some strawberry suace.

drizzle the chocolate syrup.

Add layers again,topping with

another scoop of ice cream.

Add the whipped cream

on top. garnish with mashed

strawberries & sliced almonds.



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  • milkmade 1 cup
  • whippedcream 2  cupimages (11)
  • Sugar 3 tbs
  • Venilla syrup 1/2 tbs
  • Cookies 6-8
  • Food colors

In a large bowl, beat cream images (15)

fold into milk made, sugar and Venilla.

Divide between 3  freezer containers.

Stir in two food colors red  and green

in two containers and one white.

Cover and freeze for 6 hours .

To make ice cream sandwiches,

spread icecream on bottom of cookies.

making three color layer.

Cover with remaining cookies.

press down gently and freeze.



  • 2 mango
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup cream
  •  1 tbs Vanilla essence
  • 1/4 pista
  • 1/4 almonds
  • 1/2 sugar


1) First make puree of the mangoes.11400978_640921562711062_8234365016087254063_n-1

2) Pour the cream in a bowl. Keep

this bowl  in the freezer for 10 min.

3) Add 1/2 cup of sugar and start

beating the cream with hand mixer.

4) Beat it till you get nice stiff peak.

5) Once you get stiff peak, add

mango puree  , milk and vanilla.

6) Fold it in using spatula. Do not

mix vigorously otherwise cream will


7) Pour into a container and keep

In refrigerator for 3 hours.

8) Then take out the container

from the freezer, cut into pieces,

add it to the blender.

9) Blend it till it becomes smooth.

10) Pour it back to the container.

Add almonds and pista.

Cover it with plastic wrap.

11) Freeze it till sets completely.

Scoop out into a bowl and serve.

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