MOTD 4: Get Glam/Asian/Bollywood Style in 8 Simple Steps!

 Pretty Little Lawyer:

Hi all, I’ve written this post telling you how to have the style in my picture in 8 simple steps just in case you have an Asian/Bollwood function coming up or maybe even if you’re just curious about how to get my look.

Bollywood is renowned for being over the top with glamour but my look here is actually quite understated. To be more glitzy just add sparkly bangles and heavy jewellery pieces to match your pretty outfit.


1. Base: I used the MAC Prep + prime skin base visage followed by L’Oreal Nude BB Creme, followed by Estée Lauder’s Double Wear concealer and foundation.

2. Contour: I then contoured by applying dark contour creme on the hollows of my cheeks and highlighting under my eyes and my T zone using a much lighter shade. ABH, Artists of Makeup or Laura Mercier all have great products to…

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Do not wash your hair very often

as it removes natural oil and

damages your hair.

Try shampoo that donot

contains sulphate. Choose shampoo

according to your hair type.

Moisturize your hair.

Use almond oil ,olive oil

coconut oil Mix together

equal proportions of each

Apply to the hair and leave

in for three hours before

showering out. Repeat twice

a week.Rinse your hair with

vinegar once in a month.

Doing this helps to make your

hair look shinier and cleaner;

plus, it treats dandruff.

Deep conditioning is

very good for your hair.

It keeps hair soft,

healthy and moisturized.

After washing hair do

not rub your hair badly

With the towel.let your hairs

dry naturaly. Before using

y blower use cream or serrum.

New Best Friend

Coconut Oil


I read many articles about

coconut oil (organic) and

most of these articles from

health magazines and

websites, emphasized about

the wonderful health and

cosmetic benefits from this

oil. I decided to give it a try

to discover about the benefits

on my own. I made a trip to

Trader Joe’s , and I bought

my initial bottle of organic

coconut oil.

I decided to use it first as a

cosmetic. I replaced my face’s

moisturizer and body cream

and started using only this

oil (Actually, I added a

couple of drops of organic

aromatherapy oils just to

make the fragrance more

feminine). A week later, I

was running back to buy two

more bottles of this oil after

seeing results. I was happy

and amazed with the natural

glow on my skin. After

trying the benefits, I went

crazy with this oil, and I also

started using this as a hair

mask and in addition on my

hands and feet.

Recently, I started trying the

health benefits on my

kitchen, preparing recipes

using just organic coconut

oil. So far, I love the yummy

taste. I’m trying to reduce

chemicals, so I’m very happy


Our skin is our largest organ. A healthy

skin protects us from germs.

One of the known basic ayurvedic

tips for cleaning face is using raw milk.

Raw milk helps remove unseen dirt.

It also acts as a natural moisturizer.

Use raw milk with a cotton ball to

gently cleanse your skin.

You may even mix a little lemon juice

with raw milk .


People eat garlic raw, as a topping, a complex ingredient, and even use the greens in salads and other dishes. Garlic is as complex an ingredient as there is. Plus, it’s SO good for you. There is evidence that fresh garlic, and only fresh garlic, can killE. coli and antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, andSalmonella enteritidis. The active ingredient, allicin, is responsible for the scent of the herb and for its healing properties. These are some of the reasons garlic stuck out to me, design-wise.

Fermented Pickles | Pickles Of Wisdom

Allicin degrades quickly though, so uses in medicine are minimal, and aged garlic is essentially useless. Crushing is best. More information can be found on the National Institute of Health’s Garlic page. But of course, my favorite use is in pickles! And if you didn’t know that, shame on me!

That brings me back to what I realized today. I told everyone that my first fermented pickle batch (right) were spoiled from a bad jalapeno. In reality, it looks like it was rust that got the best of it. Let that be a lesson!!


  1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast
  2. Drink 3-5 liters of Water everyday
  3. Connect with Other People
  4. Express Your Emotions Appropriately
  5. Eat Fruits and Vegetables
  6. Spend at Least 30 Minutes in Meditation
  7. Do some exercise or yoga
  8. Keep Regular Sleep Hours
  9. Establish a Relationship with a Doctor You Can Trust
  10. Avoid alcohol and Smoking


लगभग 10-15 ग्राम आम की चटनी को अजीर्णT

रोग में रोगी को दिन में दो बार खाने को दें।

3-6 ग्राम आम की गुठली का चूर्ण अजीर्ण में दिन

में 2 बार दें।